Services for Attorneys

As your client's attorney, you goal is to prepare your client's case using every possible resource. Accurate financial information and dependable research are vital to reaching an equitable settlement. Once an agreement is reached, your client needs a comprehensive financial plan that works long after the case is closed.

Nicholas Ventimiglio, CDFA, knows what it takes to provide the support needed by a client's legal team. We will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve a fair, financially equitable divorce or probate settlement.

Services to the attorney include:

  • Investigation of hidden assets
  • Comprehensive financial information and detailed research
  • Professional Valuation of financial assets
  • A personal financial projections for your client
  • Testimony as an expert witness

Benefits to the attorney include:

  • Financial and asset research that supports your case
  • Credible expert witness testimony if the case goes to court
  • Financial planning expertise that helps your client make a smooth transition
  • The knowledge that your client has received comprehensive